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  • November Poll Results

    The poll is closed! This month's winner is...Android 21!Skimpy swimsuit was also the most popular option so I'll likely be doing something with that!

    November Character Poll!

    Hey, the poll for November is up! https://forms.gle/54qsCXgA21KXLmk76Voting will end on November 8th!

    Tier updates

    I'm adding a new mechanic to this patreon! Each month, there'll be a popularity poll from 4 options.These options will be selected from the $20 tier! You add your nominations here (if you're in the appropriate tier). At the end of the month (or start of next, not sure which to do actually) I'll host the poll based on the results, which'll influence the pic for next month.I may also add a perk to the $10 tier that gives them double voting power.Additionally, the $50 tier has been released. In this tier you are guaranteed a full color pic request, with the caveat that it has to be of one of my characters.I had a limit of two, but both were promptly claimed, however. As a reminder, people in the $10 or higher tiers can always commission me at any time!

    New Vid - DnD Story!

    A tale from a 5e game I'm inPublic post!

    SFW/NSFW split

    I've unpublished the SFW tiers. From here on out, the tiers will be one once again.Because not everyone wants to see NSFW, and I do do some SFW content, posts with NSFW in them will use a SFW image or crop for the preview. I'll also include (NSFW) (SFW) or (MIXED) for each media post I make.Over on the discord, if you don't want to see NSFW posts, just ask for the SFW role!You're in control of what you want to see.The reason I'm consolidating the tiers again is, it's less clutter / fewer tiers to manage, it makes it easier on me for posting, and it also helps in the fringe situation of someone who's in the SFW tier but still wants to maybe see the occasional tamer NSFW source file or whatnot.If you're in one of the old SFW tiers, you can stay there or you can move to the primary tier, the tiers have otherwise been unpublished (still active, but hidden). For things like the $5 Lunchbox tier, which includes credits in videos, if you're not interested in your name showing up in NSFW content, send me a message and I'll make a note (you do NOT need to do this if you are in a $2 tier.)


    so I've gotten really sick. This week isn't gonna see any content until I get better. This may also mean that the next PV02 update is delayed a week, depending on how fast I can recover.


    AAAAAAAAAA(if it doesn't want to play, go here)

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