"Delay Updates + Proofs of Work (May & June/2022)" by tracyscops from Patreon | Kemono


Hey there, my dearest patrons.
I have a few upsetting news to share.

Let me start with saying that the May comics are not coming out tomorrow, June 21st. June comics are probably missing their scheduled release date too. I don't have a new release date for any of them yet, but I'm working on having them ready as soon as possible. I'll try and give a new date as fast as I can, but the truth is I don't exactly know when. More details about that below.

What happened is that we had a terrible loss in our artists' roster. My dear colorist and friend Latrell suddenly passed away a few weeks ago. I haven't talked about it yet, and I'm still in shock with that event, trying to face the impossible task of replacing him, but... 

It's just too absurd a challenge to surpass. He was an amazing person and the best kind of human being one could imagine. I don't have permission to say much of his personal details, but I must say that he was also in his professional prime. His name is in this month's covers of several of the most prestigious mainstream comics you can imagine. That's how good he was. It's just too heartbreaking.

Llamaboy have been a bit overburdened with work so I had just talked to Latrell about having him color Concealed Gunnads this month, but then this terrible thing happened and I've been having a really hard time dealing with that.

What will probably happen is Llamaboy coloring himself the comic, but that will still take a little while and that's the reason I don't have a release date for it yet.

To add insult to injury, Thomas Cocksmith is also dealing with a very delicate matter. Their children have been diagnosed with a development disability. He's doing his best to keep working on the due comic, but as you can imagine things are far from comfortable for him to do so.

You'd think that'd be enough bad news, right? Oh, boy...

Denideni Kun and Mama Djabba haven't been quite themselves lately either. They're both dealing with severe cases of depression and anxiety for many weeks now. I can assure you they're both still working and delivering content as quickly as possible, but both their schedules have been severely compromised by their mental health.

As for me, I've been silent but actually productive for these last few weeks. I have talked to a handful of new artists and collaborators, preparing new scripts and trying to keep the boat as much afloat as possible. I don't have any specific details on what's coming for July and forward, but I will address that before June ends, so stay tuned.


In the mean time, I attached some previews (for ants), as some form of proof of work, with a general view of the state of all 4 delayed comics. They're purposely small to keep you from unwanted spoilers, but still visible enough for you to get a glimpse that it's an actual work-in-progress.

So... That's it for now.
I wish I had more precise info to share with you today, but... Sorry. Life's been absurdly challenging for the whole year, so far.

Thank you once again for your always generous patience.
I'm working hard to be able to share better news in my next post.

Until then, most kindly,
- Tracy.