Hello my lovelies

Sorry if I've been dropping the ball a bit on Patreon only content, I plan to rectify this soon with all ds2 full live streams being available here and only here so you can watch all the suffering! I also plan to make a Patreon only discord and stuff where we can hang out. I've had some personal stuff going on and I feel comfortable sharing that with you because you are the core of the community and support me so much. Honestly, I've also been feeling down recently and had to take a few mental health days but I'm feeling much more motivated now my health is getting there (still on the mend and on antibiotics unfortunately, must have spent £100 on antibiotics the past few months lol). But yeah I just want to say this couldn't be possible without you guys and I am forever grateful you would choose to support me 💕☺️ lots of love to you guys xxx