"✨♥Fanart Suggestion! ♥ ✨" by Skeleion from Patreon | Kemono


We have a 🌟secret special character🌟 being revealed next month so only one character will be chosen per poll next month.

Please, suggest next month's fan character!

💥Canine characters are on cool down this month💥

Only suggest one character per person! (We also allow m->f gender swap and beastification🐾)

💖💖💖Characters with the most likes get into the poll. 💖💖💖

---   (Only a max of two characters of the same franchise will make it into the poll.)

This month's winners are on cool down.

If you suggest your own OC leave a comment with their name and fully colored ref sheet. Thank you!

(Only one Patron OC can make it on the poll per month.)

The poll starts: 4/1/ 22

The Theme: NSFW/ Lingerie

No characters that are Underage in their respective canon!

Will and Won't Draw rules apply

Fanart of the month General Information /TOS