Update + Stream date

Hey guys!! Long time no talk. Thought I'd fill you guys in, since it's been way longer than I would have liked.

Rotten and I are finally all moved in to our new home! This place really is so much fuckin' better than where we were. It's nice and quiet, there are kitties and tiny dogs everywhere, and most importantly, we're alone together for the first time. Really so excited just to have a healthy living space for the first time in forever.

There has been so much shit to do, so many errands to run. I've barely had time to even think about drawing. I feel so bad for leaving you guys hanging all this time, especially those of you waiting on commissions. But don't worry! Things are starting to slow down now, so I should be able to resume regular work soon.

I'm going to send out messages to those of you in the reward tiers after posting this! Please be sure to reply with your idea asap so I can get on it.

ALSO, some great news. Since I don't have to work my schedule around dodging my shitty roommate anymore, I can do streams on Saturdays!

So, with that in mind, this month's stream is going to be Saturday, April 29th. I'll let you know the time of day sooner to the date.

Thanks so much for your patience, guys. Things have been really hard over the past year, and they're on the way to improving, but it's still gonna be tough during this recovery period.

Hope to have some art for you soon!