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So from the somber darker colors of Hollow Knight I went the other way around and tried a more colorful vibe with the 2nd Poll Winner, Aria workout time !

An old sketch, and it was a close call, I always find Reverse polls very fun to watch as they go bwahaha~

Funny thing, I completely messed up the first time in the original sketch, as Aria is doing stretching with her arms, yet lifting her legs? I know she's not the brightest at times but...? ¿¿¿?? So of course, modified it a little so it's stretching time.

Maybe I'll continue and do more in the future~

I couldn't decide on a particular outfit so here's two variants of it, also Pebble and Hauch decided to join, too~!

Hope you like it! 




Cute Aria!! :3


"she's not the brightest at times" Funny, she's often given off the feeling of a rather smart girl to me. Must be because of all the books she reads. K: "One two, one two! Come on, gotta work off that fat from all those pastries you love to stuff down! One two, one two-" A: "E-even as a recording on tape she picks on me-!"


So pretty!


Aria in a leotard is always a blessing


Heheh on one hand yeah she reads a lot, so she may be book smart at times, but not really hmm.. street smart? hence why she gets in trouble so often~!


Cute. The slight 80s vibe suits this pic. 👌


Now i understand why Aria has such an amazing body haha <3