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REVERSE MEANS the least voted wins!!

In the meantime I'm trying to wrap my head around how to draw Hollow Knight fanart (the previous poll winner)
I thought I'd throw a special one again just for fun.

Again, I have to insist, the LEAST VOTED wins! ✨ So you can vote for the ideas you don't like, to fight the others!

So, I was looking at my folders and I thought hey why not grab another old sketch (2017~2019) and try to redraw it maybe?

I threw in a mix of old fanservice and old wholesome originals, I know, I know, but making it a reverse poll gives the wholesome a chance to win against the lewdness.

We'll see how it goes!

Multiple votes allowed!
Poll will last until April 23rd!



Anything Kaz. Anything Kaaaaaaaaaz. By pure odds alone there is a 1/4 chance of winning her. I'm crossing my fingers. <3


Maybe next time, can you redraw and color the Aria Sketch, where she holds a knife and looks like a little psycho? I love this picture and really wanna see it in color :c https://img10.joyreactor.cc/pics/post/Parororo-artist-Aria-Wintermint-sketch-6250038.jpeg


Please 3!! ♡ She looks so adorable there! >-<


8 Crew rise up


Nooo, I want Pairo and the esos


I kinda hope no.3 wins. With your improved skills can imagine it'll be quite the art piece.