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A little late from the date but here's the next poll!🐮🦄

Lots of great choices, horns all around, big, small, different colors, demons, animal horns, it's a good variety!

Again I'm sorry I couldn't add just all the suggestions you guys gave me! Maybe next time! Thanks for the suggestions!

So here goes the usual !

Poll will end on April 11th!
Single vote poll this time, so choose carefully !
(Sorry for the edit)



Obviously voting for Ibaraki, my beloved underdog.


Really praying one of the Arknights girls get chosen


Pretty cool to see Lum is still popular even if I'm not voting for her


let's see if Mudrock can get the win she so narrowly lost last time. or will it go to Narmaya, who is similar to a brighter-coloured Aria in ways