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And here's the weird PSD file for this one in particular!
File attached!

I messed a lot with filters and overlays and specially dot textures, so you can take a look at all the layers I used in this one here~ If you're curious I hope this can be useful to you! I personally learned a couple things myself.

Hope you like it~!




I'm sure the way each layer interacts with the others makes a lot more sense in CSP or w/e you're using when creating each piece (and would be explained if one was to attend one of your courses), but it's always funny to see what name GIMP assigns to each layer mode (describing how they interact). Like, sure, I can imagine what "adding" two layers could to, but "LCh Chroma"? "Overlay"? "Screen"? No chance my friend xd Like, I feel having a better shot at calculating the derivation of a rational function than explaining why this fuschia layer turns the image more blue, for example xd Props to you!


Been abit since there's been a psd post