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Oof, only a few hours until February ends, but here I am! Posting last minute sketch requests cause I'm a responsible person! I promise~!

Really fun ones and I appreciate your patience friends, it's been really busy weeks overall, and I know I always say so, hahaaa, but yeah, that's just how life is sometimes~!

Thank you again for supporting me another month! ♥

- Yagyu and (a very tiny) Mirai (Senran Kagura)
- Kitty (OC) as a Hexmaniac from Pokemon
- Andi (OC)
- Dang (OC)
- Freon (OC) getting measured by masterhands, most accurate diagnosis!
- Aria (my OC) being a good girl!

Zip attached! ♥




They all look amazing!!


No worries always do your best, your drawings are always very beautiful :)