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Sorry for the delays friends, busy days as usual~!
But here I am with more sketches, and more to come later~!
Hope you've been well and february has been a good month for you all~

- Giantess Fox Girl (OC) sorry I didn't get her name~!
- Aria (my OC) on the losing end of a mean snow fight !
- Forte (Granblue Fantasy)
- Death (Puss in Boots 2) cool looking wolf fella

- Zucchini (Alpaca's OC) cause today it's actually her birthday!
Or.. was! I mean, it's on february 21, but I'm only online now after a day of celebrating with her, I had these sketches done before then~

Thanks for your support!




I'd say Aria lost a hell of a lot more than just a snowball fight. 0_o Good thing she still has that scarf to keep her warm. . . -ish.


Forteee~<3 And oh no, poor Aria! Will give her hugs to warm her and shield her from the snowballs being pelted at her.