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I'm a little late, sorry aaaAa, busy days!  But yeah, Valentine's around the corner so I really liked the idea of giving some characters a second chance at life to be chosen~  

So,💔 One-sided, Unrequited Love is the theme this time! 💔  

(Disclaimer, as usual , for this kind of poll, I -don't- know most of these characters so, I trust you guys did read the theme when suggesting, I always do a little wiki-researching to see if they're valid, or ask around, so don't hate me if sometimes it's a vague or unclear case!  Also, I apologize if this includes minor spoilers too.. maybe next time I'll go back to a classic poll centering about visual features instead)

So who will be your valentine's?
Multiple votes allowed!
Poll ends on Feb. 16th!



Albedoooo ❤️


Aw man I want shampoo from Ranma 1/2 so badly