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Annd first sketches of the month, weird huh, no valentine's theme?!
Oh well, no valentine's but still some ideas seem a tad on the fanservice side, hahaaaa~

Still more to come, catching up slow through the pending sketches as always!

- Yunaka (Fire Emblem Engage) engaged dire situation, tickling master hands~
- Parasoul (Skullgirls) offers you a hug !
- Seleni (OC) very nature-ish
- Sena (OC) surprised at the amount of lewdness in the air
- Aria (my OC) somehow stuck halfway through a wall ?!
- Kaz (my OC) playing around with some sentient symbiote goop !




i love this, but how do i get in the request? o___


haaah dude never fail us


The monthly sketch request is a reward for the Octolord tier. There's a limited number of spots available at that tier, it's usually full and openings go fast.