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Haaa this may look a tad random, but I thought I'd share these bits with you.
This is a seal based on our cats Panko and Chiri, that I made for our wedding invitations, a wax seal stamp! So they look extra fancy~There's a photo of how it looks in reality~

Besides that, the 2nd one is a variant made ice-cream themed cause we'll have lots of free ice cream which will have that sticker on the little cups too, but I'll have to wait until the actual day to take a proper photo of it hahaa!

In the meantime, hope you like it, thanks for your support once again!
I'll post some more sketches and goodies later today!




Ay, no sabía que se iban a casar. Me siento el peor fan ¿Cómo puede ser que te siga desde la época de los dinosaurios en DA y no lo sepa? aaaa pero bueno, me alegro por ustedes y me ENCANTA todo ésto <3 es muy cute, muy lindoooo


Super cute!!!! I hope you have a wonderful wedding!!!