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First batch of sketches of the year!
Hope you guys are off to a good start~

Here's some fun things and bunnies of course to start the month in a positive and fun note~
Hope you like!

- Parasoul (Skullgirls) sitting very seductively~
- Satoko Hojo (Higurashi) having a Bocchi-like breakdown
- Pixel (OC) all suspicious after a very messy cake just magically dissappeared
- Noz (my OC) joining the bunny year bandwagon
- Aria (my OC) during her RPG-like adventures, taking a nap after a battle
- Kaz (my OC) taking the bunny spotlight with a more alluring suit~

Thanks for your support! As usual, more sketches coming later~!




Bunny Kaz needs to be a full color piece!! She looks so hot/cute!! 🥰 🐰


holy shit Pixel