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Last sketch batch of the year!
I feel it was a very fast-paced and busy one..

I've been reflecting on my art a lot and what I want to do in the future.
But in any case, I hope it can still be of your liking and worthy of your support~
So thank you very much for supporting me this year guys, it's really really appreciated from the bottom of my heart~

So, here, a quick batch of extra sketches and goodies related to recent things,
specially some unused Xmas Aria sketches, some Ganyu, and a drawing I did for a friend of mine at the end too.

Hope you like it and , have a happy new year~




Loving legends Roll restoring the OG MegaMan. Wish that paring was a thing.


Veo a Aria y es un SEEEEEEEEEEEEE VAAAAAAAMOOOOOOO hahaha y aprovecho para desearte un feliz añooo. Acá son las 7:20 de la mañana cuando escribo ésto peero bueno, no sé bien qué hora serán allá.


i sent a aria Christmas in the DM Twitter o___