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So this time around it seems Genshin proved that its waifus are still popular and strong! (I say so cause some tend to think GI will always win but hey, in many past polls there were genshin waifus who didn't win), and Ganyu is still top tier, in my heart as well, and she's the reason why I don't particularly need to roll for any other character when she can just destroy the game easily by herself alone. Yes.

BUT, she's utterly useless against cryo slimes, HA

So I wanted to draw her in trouble, of course, cause.. that's what I do, ha!
And, I know she can just obliterate pyro slimes but hey, maybe she didn't have her bow at the moment, whoops!

Hope you like it!




Yo no juego Genshin pero que linda que está po favó <3 me encantaaaa