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Hey friends! Okay so this time I'll make a bonus exception and this PSD file will be available for all patrons regardless of the tier you're in!

Just so at least some of you that may not know, get an idea of the PSD files I post each month~ Cause there's still a ton available in the Octoboi tier, over 100+ more~

You can open this in most art software, Photoshop, SAI, CSP, etc! Although I can't guarantee that in some of them some layers may show incorrectly.. If you download the file and get a "1" named weird file, just rename it and add the ".PSD" extension at the end!

I hope you like it~!

As usual, all layers stay intact, I really hope you like it and it's useful~!




For those wondering, GIMP can open PSDs just fine as well (and is free!). While you probably won't be drawing with GIMP, it's still good enough to try to understand each layer's purpose. Haven't tried Krita yet (as a free software that can be used to create art, not just manipulate it like with GIMP), but I suppose that it will also work.