Rack 2 v0.2.11


- This build is mostly focused on polishing the interaction reticles for all of the game's body-on-body interactions: making sure they're positioned properly over the interaction point, that they adjust as expected based on the subject's position and the camera angle, and that the player's movements line up with their input pattern.

- Feedback is now displayed intermittently while interacting with a subject via particle effects, so you don't need to keep looking over at the monitor to tell whether you're going too fast / slow.

- Reticle positioning and upDir alignment has been completed for all 71 of the body-on-body interactions currently in the game.

- Some animation polish has been done for 10 body-on-body interactions: hand.polishCock, mouth.cunnilingus, mouth.rim, hand.teaseMouth, mouth.lickBalls, mouth.lickClit, mouth.lickCock, mouth.lickFeet, butt.grindOnCock, and vagina.grindOnCock

- Base sensation and arousal values have been polished or modified based on playtesting and feedback for 9 body-on-body interactions: penis.rubClit, hand.crushBalls, mouth.biteAss, mouth.biteBalls, mouth.biteClit, mouth.biteCock, mouth.biteFeet, mouth.biteNipples, and mouth.suckToes

- For a full list of changes, see: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UDXBGDJDMCe9VN8QBMGmyGWlkh44clTfOXsZxSeHvQw/edit?usp=sharing

Download Links:

WARNING: The links below contain ADULT CONTENT, and should not be accessed by minors or anyone who cannot legally view said content

WINDOWS 64-bit: https://mega.nz/#!REgw2KYK!7jgJzoKOHf39T_uJE9cQc065rOUjoR5HS0lr3RnSuPA

WINDOWS 32-bit: https://mega.nz/#!hRhWmahK!41wUKy_6isKbzjRCuOcPrgevskBlCPAqUXHRK-5YoIA

MAC: https://mega.nz/#!hRhWmahK!41wUKy_6isKbzjRCuOcPrgevskBlCPAqUXHRK-5YoIA

MAC (OpenGL): https://mega.nz/#!lN4QCSDI!lpp5zNi6aD3AljGs2ZS9vo5m6cOpt0Yp7SPpYH6_01Q

LINUX: https://mega.nz/#!xQ5kUYyK!xfrjWqAGyyiBPLfG7efIp5NiIxD29XajhBRB4bGZ_K8