Rack 2 v0.2.9


- For a detailed list of recently-finished interaction support, see: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UDXBGDJDMCe9VN8QBMGmyGWlkh44clTfOXsZxSeHvQw/

- Basic functionality has been completed for 19 new interactions, bumping the total number of functional Body-on-Body interactions from 56% to 79%. Highlights include fisting, suckling, biting, tribadism, titfucking, and kissing. Notably, all planned interactions for existing tools are now functional (but not fully polished/balanced). Foot, tail, tentacle, and boob-tool interactions are likely to come later, but for upcoming updates, the focus will be shifted to balance, polish, and new sex toy content.

- Additional work has been done on the new apparatus-lifting / "tiptoe" system, but it is not finished yet, so this build is still using the old system. As a result, some interactions (notably, breast suckling and kissing) do not line up properly if the performing character cannot reach the interaction node.

Download Links:

WARNING: The links below contain ADULT CONTENT, and should not be accessed by minors or anyone who cannot legally view said content.

WINDOWS 64-bit: https://mega.nz/#!RY5lWIiZ!-QBRFZvIARkr4aV9o0w_XqxVhtWm-atmaHNnm53TCb4

WINDOWS 32-bit: https://mega.nz/#!pEoBzKLC!HesEo5fHC7L98wUJe3uu63cg9cjrvapnAReo07LlMa0

MAC: https://mega.nz/#!lMxhhaJD!M_HDu7SoxFI0qxIpDiBBUAs8xgKSMfgfbsPALXV4VKc

MAC (OpenGL): https://mega.nz/#!0QwThKLS!KZg_rUkVnezyfMytD91cIoljRJvRAMU7lDnRAgBsxUM

LINUX: https://mega.nz/#!5cgHlCBb!oofsV_kJbgBR0U9tvKJsJwVLASCV9vXaRz6nksHDm4Q