Rack 2 v0.2.7b


- KNOWN BUG: Some of the lower automatic quality settings fail to disable SSR, which drastically hurts framerate. I'm working on a hotfix now.

- Fixed a bug that was causing certain interaction approach points (especially a few on the Rack Table) to throw unhandled exceptions.

- Fixed a bug that was causing penetration misalignment issues, especially during anal penetration.

- Isolated a bug that was causing anal and vaginal penetration to sometimes give no stimulation/pleasure.

- Fixed a bug that was causing some vaginal animations to swing parts around in the wrong direction.

- Cleaned up the hands-free automatic controls a little bit, but they're still far from finished.

- Significantly reduced the pleasure penalty for being rougher than the desired level of stimulation, especially for the player.

- Made some improvements to the automatic quality system to handle low-end machines a little more elegantly, which should reduce some of the bizarre breast/butt issues on some machines. As always, optimization is an ongoing process that is not yet finished.

Download Links:

WARNING: The links below contain ADULT CONTENT, and should not be accessed by minors or anyone who cannot legally view said content.

WINDOWS 64-bit: https://mega.nz/#!xBwxHIBC!SEWRsygA55jGpV8qdS1dKQ74AeSsgmxLjTHPyUYJs9s

WINDOWS 32-bit: https://mega.nz/#!wcpHBIyC!P4UInxIvzTSApVLyGjBo3F8lObiVS-usdHkb_9dCbRg

MAC: https://mega.nz/#!5FhTBaRB!0nEUFwWIFkxVgIt_6HG5MXnfUGX-uawydgApnO33vmY

MAC (OpenGL): https://mega.nz/#!QA4j3KIa!GS3F1LyXDk4zzI8uy5kgopAqPAp8ucCnylyBxc541FQ

LINUX: https://mega.nz/#!ENh1nApQ!aO9naAEhc3KN6Zerqns0-b1r0D2XuOyAijR80tnVRo0