"Aurenn's Season Begins (Color)" by Xpray from Patreon | Kemono


Colors! Aurenn's "season" has begun... and she won't stop until she has delivered several clutches of big and healthy dragon hybrids to the world. However, the poor broodmother can't do it alone...

Will she fulfill her purposes in time for Mayternity? :O


These are the extra rewards you will receive after the payment period (depending of your pledge tier)!

- High resolution.

- Transparent versions (Without background).

- Alt versions: Different combinations of Glasses, Bare Chest, Extra Milk, Dressed (Bra, Shirt and Top), Semi-Paizuri, Jewelry, Pregnant, Slightly Bigger Breasts, etc.

- Wallpapers.

- Calendars.

- PSD file with layers.

- WIP video.

- PSD file with layers.

- WIP video.