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Hey guys! Sorry this one took longer than the others, I had it all set up and ready to go, but decided to wait a day or so for the new GPU to arrive. Man oh MAN am I happy I did, because of it, I was able to render an entirely alternative set of scenes really fucking fast. Without it, I'd still be rendering the second set. But, anyways, hope you like!

Also about the monster vote. I'm going to get it out soon, but for the time being I have an announcement.

I want to give back to you guys. And part of that is making sure there are more models for other animators to use. So, what to look forward to?

Tentacle hive-constructs
Weird abominations
Monster DICKS
Official Sea of Serenity hive-breeder outfits

Rendering in cycles has REALLY sparked my creative streak again. So, yeah.

Anyways expect the next vote in a day or two. I still have to finish the (new) girl and decide the monsters. Setting is a little different from the original plan, but just as wide in scope.

See you guys then!


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