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New computer came in today, which, was oddly the day I was going to have a vote put up.  So since I'm currently transferring over ALL of my data, it'll be just a bit before I can put up the new vote.   

Mn, other than that nothing else, small update.  


Actually I do have some stuff to share with you guys. Some images I took of three characters I'm working on for a side project involving goddesses, spirits, avatars or whatever you want to call them.

They're still under works but here are some WIP shots.

They're Cu-ini, Ag-athia, and Au-ra. They appear to people with great quantities of their metal and depending on the amount of the metal they have, they do differen't things. So a person holding 1oz of copper would get like,  a handy, while a person holding 1oz of gold would get air blown in their face.

Their designs and personalities are meant to reflect their (kind of) first/widely utilized origin, their general abundance, and metallic properties. So since Copper, first wide use was by the Sumerians/Chaldeans/later-egyptions,  is the highest in abundance, she has the largest assets and since she's used in a lot stuff like in cabling, she's fairly easy going.

AND, since she's so cheap, you can get more. . .bang for your buck. But it comes at the cost of it being more of a service rather than an experience like, say, with gold.

Still want to make more things for them, develop more of their outfits, but these are characters I've been sitting on for a while. Some plans for other metals, some for other minerals. I'd show more but everything is currently being slipped into a new hard drive so thats kinda hard.

I'll most likely be redoing Cuini's and Aura's outfits as well since they're just repurposed from other models to get a feel for their design. Agathia's is almost entirely hand made however.

Also for anyone wondering why Aura is more Chinese/Japanese themed and not, say, Ancient Lydian.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, with two of the three already being from generally the same part of the world I thought it'd be nice to have something just a little different. If it helps, she just likes the silk and robe style, but her actual origin is from Lydia.

Anywho this has gone on for too long, bye for now!