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As I write this my cat is currently rolling in the throws of madness. Its such a sweet sound, waking up at, 3 am in the morning to hear the loud, horrible, sound of dying whales coming from the pitch black hallway that opens directly into your bedroom.

But enough about cat mating practices,  lets update all of you on whats been going on.

Currently have 22 scenes worked out, there are supposed to be 23 but I ended up having to delete that file for the time being. Why you might ask? Because it ended up being, 300 Gigabytes in size. Bear in mind every single other file is about 1-2Gb.

Working through adding refinements to each scene, currently about a third of the way finished, no real ETA because It appears I have had a work-delay-hex placed on me, one that only activates when I make promises of future release windows. So, without going into specifics it will be released between either now, and, some time before the sun explodes.

But its coming soon. Real soon.

Thats all for now, have to get back to animating, packing boxes, and helping Moony move heavy things.