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I'm sorry to late and long time no see.

During this national holiday, I realized that it was not easy to produce a work at the same time.

I couldn't concentrate enough on the work because I prepared for the holiday due to an unexpected family issue.

As a result, the work progress had been much slower than expected. So I feel sorry for supporters who waited for this works.

But thank you for understanding this and waiting for me with generous heart!

anyways, in this time i made new variation work with absol. like a mienshao and  zeraora, i didn't draw ever it but it was fun to draw her.

for the next time, i'm not sure what character will be next but i wish i want to draw her one more time! 

but If there is a character you want to see, please let me know. :)

i hope you guys like these works and see you again with new art work soon!

thank you to all my patreon supporters!



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