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  • Request by Chunin Daniel Graca

    Hi fellas
    I hope you like this work, I'm trying to put more effort into the arts and trying to play with lighting, I'm still not very good but I hope to improve and explore more possible angles.

    Thank you.

    • Title: Starting the day with mom
      Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
      Character: Boruto Uzumaki x Hinata Uzumaki
      Type: Sex Art

    • Title: Taijutsu - footjob
      Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
      Character: Sarada Uchiha
      Type: Nude

    • Title: Reward for collecting the dragon balls.
      Anime: Dragon Ball Z  
      Character: Bulma
      Type: Nude

    • Title: That's the proof of my love, Merlin-san
      Anime: Deadly Seven Sins
      Character: Merlin x Escanor
      Type: Sex Art

    • Title: Target located: Start seduction.
      Anime: Spy x Family
      Character: Yor Briar
      Type: Nude

    • Title: A special discount at the Yamanaka store
      Anime: Naruto Shippuden
      Character: Ino Yamanaka x Choza Akimichi
      Type: Sex Art

    • Title: Extra class: Sex Education with Hanabi and Sakura
      Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
      Character: Hanabi x Sakura x Himawari x Sarada x Boruto x Iwabe x Denki x Naruto
      Type: Mini-series (experimental)

    • Title: You are much better
      Anime: Darling in the franxx
      Character: Zero Two x Mitsuru
      Type: GIF

    Hi fellas,
    Arriving with these pages just finished, I am working hard to bring them all to you and with that I apologize for the lack of posting but I guarantee that I am producing a lot.

    I think it’s worth saying that I recently opened a server on discord where I’ll start publishing spoilers for the tier Chunin, Jounin and Anbu of the works I’m working on as linework and paintings, it’s not very complex but it’s just a way I found have more frequent contact.

    To access the discord server just go to your "My membership" page and go to your tier and check the option to connect to discord.

    Thank You.

    Miko Iino from Kaguya-sama: Love is War
    Request by jounin Kevn

    Request by Jounin Johnathon Smith

    Request by Jounin Furuichi

    Hi fellas, 

    Originally this post was supposed to be yesterday but unfortunately I didn't have much time and I could only post now. 

    Anyway what it's worth is the intention, thanks for the support of everyone this year, I hope you all had a great Christmas and I wish that next year will be better for all of us. 

    • Title: Participating in the chunin exam for the second time
      Anime: Naruto Shippuden
      Character: Shikamaru x Hinata x Chouji
      Type: GIF

    • Title: If he beat you, I can too.
      Anime: Naruto Shippuden
      Character: Naruto x Temari
      Type: Sex Art

    • Title: Exemplary student
      Anime: Kaguya-sama: Love is War
      Character: Miko lino
      Type: Nude Art

    • Title: When the money runs out.
      Anime: The Rising of a Shiel Hero
      Character: Erhart x Raphtalia
      Type: Sex Art

    • Title: Signing the master and servant contract.  
      Anime: The Rising of a Shiel Hero  
      Character: Filo
      Type: Nude Art

    • Title: Mom will teach you well.   
      Anime: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation   
      Character: Hinata x Himawari  
      Type: Sex Art

    • Title: Lenalee Lee wants more attention    
      Anime: D.Gray-man   
      Character: Lanalee Lee   
      Type: Nude Art

    • Title: That's the power of Arrancar Diez     
      Anime: Bleach    
      Character: Yammy Llargo x Yoruichi Shihōin    
      Type: Sex Art

    "IMarine knows very well how to thank her fans and has the special talent to do it the right way."

    Hi fellas,
    I hope you like it.

    Request by jounin Tore696

    "Elizabeth said she would spend the night in the Boar hat before they started looking for sins and Meliodas could not miss this great opportunity to show his skills to impress her."

    Hi fellas,
    Hope you like it.

    Request by Jounin Rami Alzahrani

    Hi fellas,
    I brought you some short topics that it is good to bring to you.

    1 - Assistant
    It was already an observation that some had already made and I spent some time thinking and considering, so I got a person who will help me sometimes in some sketch to advance the production.

    2 - Posts
    From the next post that will still be this month, I will start every month posting a note with an x number of requests that will be made in the month and I will start to post every 15 days the finished requests and pages of the comic. 

    Within this period of production I will often post the progress of productions, any sketch of requests or pages will be posted as it should be. 

    3 - Comic
    As you all already know, we are at the climax of the first chapter and the reason for the lack of postage is that I have been advancing pages and better organizing the management of requests. 

    4 - Project.
    I would like very much to produce a gif or a short animation not too complex with audio to thank all of you for allowing me to reach the mark of 300 supporters, of course this project should not affect the normal production of things and I would only proceed with it in my spare time but I have only one problem.

     4.1 - I don't have much experience in working with audio editing so if there is someone who has an indication of software to isolate audio I would be grateful. 

    Anyway, leave your comments about what you think.
    Thank you all.

    Hi fellas,
    First of all, I'm sorry for the patreon's absence, but I'm currently involved in a project so I'm working a lot on both the patreon and the project.

    I hope you like these four pages and the next ones are already being produced along with a few more requests from the list.

    From now on I will be trying to post the requests on Thursday and the pages on Friday and last but not least, thank you for your support and affection.

    May everyone have a great day.

    Hi fellas,
    Recently many people have come to my patreon and sincerely thank you for all your support.

    I never imagined reaching so many people who enjoy my work and therefore I think it would be good for me to explain some things about how I mainly do my work.

    1- Requests:

    Every month the supporters Chunin, Jounin and Anbu can make a request according to the proposed reward in the tier and I place these requests on a list that is interspersed between Nude Art, Sex Art and Gif´s and I produce them in order of arrival, however, there are a lot of requests from the Sex Art category and this means that some works take a long time to be produced.

    2- Production time:

    Each job requires a different time, some I can do very quickly and others require a little more time than usual but usually I can publish two jobs a week, but the biggest factor that can take a job to take a while to get done is its order of arrival on the list.

    3- Boruto comic:

    We are reaching the end of the first chapter and with that I am finishing the sex scenes between Sakura and Naruto, I will do the same as I did last time, in which I posted the pages with several of them being published at once.

    I believe it is worth mentioning that after finishing the chapter, I will review it all and possibly improve some texts and fix some drawing errors and will post the updated content along with the cover of the second chapter.

    4- About me:

    First of all I apologize for taking time to produce some works but unfortunately it is necessary if I intend to provide you with quality work that can meet your wishes.

    I know it is very annoying to wait so long, but I ask for patience and enjoy the other works that I will be producing until yours arrives.

    Thank you very much for your support and thank you for understanding.

    "Drinking wasn't enough, Melascula wants to feel the pleasures of the human world more and can no longer contain herself".

    Request by Jounin Dantros

    "Boruto uses his version of sexy jutsu to get his target's attention and get information about the suitcase he carries but Boruto didn't expect that he would have to go a bit too far to achieve this".

    Request by Chunin Marvin 

    Hi fellas,
    Another art from the Dragon ball universe, I hope you all enjoy it.

    This art was a request from Jounin elbourico

    Hi fellas,
    We are finally reaching the climax of the first chapter, there will be good sex scenes involving Naruto and a person who is hiding in the room and by that I also want to say that the script for the second chapter is already finalized.

    First of all I want to apologize for the delay in posting the pages, I am still resolving some issues with my faculty and trying to make more time available on requests.

    Secondly, I have received a lot of messages lately and I will answer all of them, just wait a little longer.

    "Naruto planned to make a visit to Sakura after his office hours but did not expect that when his daughter Sarada arrived she would be on the spot waiting for him in her mother's place. "

    Hi fellas,
    Some were very excited about this work and I hope everyone likes the final result just as I loved to finish. 

    Soon there will be more postings.  
    This art was a request from Jounin  Fugglez 

    "For having a fragile body Nadja spends a lot of time alone in her room and every princess has her needs that need to be satiated"

    Hi, fellas
    One more art of Nudity finalized, I want to say that this week I prepared some sketches and I need to make some more for the September posts and you will love what it has prepared for you. 

    This art was a request from Jounin Dantros.

    "Boruto held on as long as he could but it was practically impossible to resist a wonderful felatio made by his own mother, this taste that Hinata has in his mouth will stay engraved in his mind for a long time".

    Hi fellas,
    sorry for the delay but I hope you like this page as much as I do.

    "Ino loves to take good pictures of herself totally naked and send it to some boys, she didn't even think she could make money from it."

    This art was a request from Anbu  David 

    Hi Fellas,
    First I want to say that some things will change around here regarding the order of posts. 

    - Every 2 posts a page will be posted and every 6 posts a Gif from the request list will be made.

    - The posts will continue to be interspersed between Nude Art and Sex Art.

    - The following pages will be posted only here in the patreon and after the end of the chapter it will be posted freely.

    These are just small changes that will improve my design performance and get new pages and produce more of the requests faster. 

    Thank you all and look forward to all these finished sketches soon.

    Hi fellas, 

    I would like to know your opinion, as you all know I have published two pages in advance of the comic for the patrons and then eventually I release them, I have a plan that was to post the next pages only for the patreon and only after the chapter ends would I publish the pages outside of it and do the same thing with the second chapter.

    I wish you could help me with that, what do you think?

    Gowther's experiment to get to know what couple life is like was a great idea but he didn't expect Guilia to have this other side asleep inside her.

    This art was a request from Jounin Dantros.

    Hi fellas,
    Somewhere in Konoha in a secret place there is a nudist beach where people who know the way go there to relax freely and also to do things they cannot do at home. 

    Hinata decided to show what the beach is like for boruto, but will boruto resist with his mother showing off so much of her body to him?

    This art was a request from Jounin  Sereen 

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