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Hello guys need to discuss something serious this time. As you may know I started a comic a while ago and usually due the need of getting enough money to cover all the month bills and extra expenses I usually tend to use my time opening comisssions besede the usual work on the mountl packs and such. 

So the idea is to reach a decent amont to cover it and be able to keep going this proyect focused on it, that would means the deliver of it would be way faster so hope to reach that. that would be all folk thanks a lot again for keeping an I on me <3 




Maybe u can add a tier for psd files. Some of the artists office this tier to increase more income.


that's a good idea, but I usually merge all my layers so those would not be too usefull ^^


its hard to explain but i merge them as I keep going too much layers cunfuse me a lot plus I need solid single layers to work later on alts :s