"Dr. Robotnik's Corpulent Cream Machine" by Light of Shadows from Patreon | Kemono
Light of Shadows



Since this was just a learning experiment, the original video is 1080P, done in a quick lined & flats style (1080*1920). instead of the usual 2160P. At least it's not the weird 576P I had to export it to in order to get it to run in youtube shorts like I wanted. (576*1024. I didn't even know that was 16:9 or was still in use.  Sure a heck wasn't going to use 608*1080 like the guide wanted me to)

Wish I knew enough unity to make a Creamy Puyo Puyo / Mean bean Machine clone. center screen would be 4:3 and the sides would showcase characters in full, with the character expanding the more beans they have on their side of the board.

But that will have to wait until after neurological exam and finishing commissions.