"Big N' Round - Neapolitan Coco Pack" by Light of Shadows from Patreon | Kemono
Light of Shadows



(Update: Trimmed the Alt-Alpha Channel to the Correct Dimensions)

Hot day today. Moved from after effects to Da Vinci Studio for editing recordings. it it's exactly the same but I managed to add a simple fade out to the time-lapse. Wanted to keep it simple today, had health stuff to deal with but looking forward to this month being the end of the heavy stuff. 

But I really like the flat style and enjoyed working on this so I'll defiantly give heavy bottoms & a more toony/cute style more of a chance in the future since folks seem to like it. (Also, A papercut / samurai jack inspired style would be easier for me to animate then the stuff with heavy shading and/or painterly styles)

Everyone stay safe out there and remember to take care of your selves and your loved ones. Oh and stay hydrated.