"Deceptively hard" by Light of Shadows from Patreon | Kemono
Light of Shadows


Since old cartoons where on the brain, i thought i'd just draw some "heavy bottom" characters thinking it'd be the same as how I usually do inflation. IT WAS NOT. At first at least.

When you train your brain to break down figures a certain way and mesure everything out in your head, it get's really hard to just... ignore that? Eventually I had to think "I'm drawing a pear, NOT a humanoid and none of the body ratios matter. imagine a water balloon that's being pinched" to get the shape I wanted and then build it from there without relying on the usual skeleton base. 

I think they turned out pretty good. not exactly my cup of tea but it was fun to do something a little less stiff and ignore the urge to make a skeleton first, pushing for more extreme base shapes instead. Might give this kind of thing a chance in a full painting in the future. :)