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Meshes 118, textures 583, 225 materials swaps.

Premade meshes uses (vtaw body v3 nude) bodypreset, included in bodyslides. 

For physics you will need CBP Physics for Fallout 4

Vest will only work with "blouse for skirt" and "skirt for blouse" 

DoS Boots, HighHeels, Pomps uses HHS! 

Changelog: v1.3

Fixed missing item from chem lab

 Item list:  V1.0

  • Adventurer Hat, Hat V2 
  •  Adventurer Belts, Belts V2 
  •  Adventurer Boots, Boots V2 
  •  Adventurer Necklace  
  •  Adventurer Top  
  •  Adventurer Pants  
  • Bra,  BraV2 ,  BraV3,  BraV4.  
  •  Harness  
  •  Left Arm Ring 
  •  Right Arm Ring  
  •  Arm Belts 
  •  Leg Belts,  Leg Belts V2 
  •  Elbow 
  •  Choker 
  •  Neck ropes 
  • Thong 
  • Garter Belt 
  • Pumps shoes 
  • LongGloves 
  • Stockings,  Stockings for High Heels, Pumps 
  • MiniskirtV2 
  • SuspendersV2 
  • Dress, v2, v3, v4 
  • Dress For Bra  
  • High Heels,  High Heels  Pantyhose  
  • Top V2, V3
  • Top2 V2, V3, V4, V5  
  • Top2 V2, V3 
  • Bodysuit  Shoes and Shoes V2, V3,  V4  
  • Bodysuit  V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6,  V7
  • Bodysuit No Arms  V1, V2, V3, V6,  V7 
  • Bodysuit  Gloves 
  • Mask for Bodysuit  
  • Hotpants, Hotpants open, Hotpants no pockets,  Hotpants open no pocket 
  • Suspenders
  • DoS boots Mirrored and gloves
  • Leggings 
  • Miniskirt
  • Shoes for Leggings
  • Top4,  Top4  V2   
  • Vest 
  • Panties2   
  • Chain and Chain for blouse
  • Pantyhose Shoes  and  Pantyhose Shoes v2
  • Shoes
  • Skirt ,SkirtV2, Skirt for blouse
  • Blouse open,  Blouse open for skirt,  Blouse open for skirt Translucent  
  • Blouse,  Blouse for skirt, Blouse Translucent 
  • Panties and Panties Translucent  
  • Pantyhose slot 33 and  Pantyhose2 
  • Blouse  
  • DoS Arm 
  • DoS Collar
  • DoS Gauntlet
  • DoS Glove and  Glove2
  • DoS Heart
  • DoS Main outfit
  • DoS Main outfit v2 (NSFW)
  • DoS Mask
  • DoS Boots 

 How To Get :  

1. Craftable at Chem Station under Vtaw Wardrobe 5 or  IN-GAME ESP Explorer  easy and fast way to get all the items.

 2. Swap materials at Armor Workbench.   

Update : ESP only

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Download : Main

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Bodyslides:   v1.2

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