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Break's over so it's time for poll suggestions!

- Include name and what fandom they are from (e.g. John Blacksad from Blacksad), you can write as many as you want!

- If there's a specific image you want me to use, include a link

- No minors or feral creatures

- I'm fine with humans/robots/monsters/pretty much any furry species

- I'm also ok with Blacksad/Rimba Racer characters, however, I will only include max. 2 picks in the poll

- I do not choose based on how many upvotes it has, but rather on the design. However, if more people suggest the same character, the chance they get in increases

- If your character was in a previous poll, they won't be picked again unless it's been at least 2 months

- Monthly poll piece is always NSFW, but if you'd prefer a SFW piece, please mention it

Ends 6th February 12AM CET




Leo (Anarchy Reigns) NSFW Jace Beleren (Magic the Gathering) NSFW Ral Zarek (Magic the Gathering) NSFW Vraska (Magic the Gathering) SFW or NSFW Lady T (Area 21 "Pogo" video) SFW Voruna (Warframe) NSFW or SFW


Volibear and/or Ornn from League of Legends.