"TaleSpin - Shere Khan" by VHKANSFWEER from Patreon | Kemono
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yesterday i finished watching TaleSpin (or at least the episodes Shere Khan was in) and was in the mood to draw this tiger dad. at first i only did SFW version, but then i figured i might do some spicy edits too

i also did a quick collab with ZeirosLion featuring him and Baloo, i did the coloring/shading while he did everything else, thought i'd include it as well!

please take care of yourself and stay safe.




I did not expect to simping for Shere Khan tonight but here we are


You really nailed how classy and handsome Talespin’s version of this character is. Hope you have been enjoying the series!


he sure is sharply sexy...even more on the LAST ONE. hehe