"Sketch tier announcement" by VHKANSFWEER from Patreon | Kemono
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Hello! I've been promising this for months, but I think I feel confident enough to open a sketch tier that will get you a monthly colored sketch of one character.

I'll be opening it on 10th February 9PM CET. 2 slots for now, but I will see if I can open more in the future. First come first serve. Price will be 40 dollars.

Thanks everyone for your patience and if you have any questions feel free to ask!



Great to hear you feel up to doing this again! I hope that confidence lasts and lasts.


Will it be a rotating sketch tier or will the first two who get it be able to hold it indefinitely?


I wish I could give everyone a chance, but the way it works is that once you pick that tier you'll be pledged to it until you decide to unpledge. That's why I'm hoping I can open more slots in the future.