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Add the linked URL(kemono.su) to your bookmarks, in case something ever happens to this domain.


i was approached by Nikko who wanted me to contribute some arts for his visual novel, and here's one i did of Mark and Grey. i'm loving the story and characters so far, so i was very excited to work on it

you can check out the build (warning for gore and horror stuff) below:





Oh I love both of you guys’ art so that’s great to see!


Man, this just reminded me how much I want get into more visual novels, especially the horror themed ones. Hopefully nothing too gruesome will befall either of these handsome fellas in their respective stories!


Oh man so cool to see your art in a visual novel!! I’m so excited!


I know it's not the focus, but I really like bow the background came out


i hope not! so far the gruesome stuff has just been in nightmares. and same, but sometimes i'm really lazy to read all the text haha