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hey everyone! i apologize for the recent inactivity, i've been working on something that i'm eager to share with you. well, 2 things actually:

1. as some of you already might know, after a long discussion in the Blacksad server, we decided to make an unofficial Blacksad zine! it's gonna be both SFW/NSFW, OCs welcome (as long as they're with a Blacksad character), digital only for now, since we don't know how many people will be interested. and that's why we did an interest check first to see if people like the idea. i'd be very happy if you could fill out the short form below and follow us on twitter!



2.  i think it's safe to say this is confirmed, but i've been commissioned to draw a comic involving Smirnov and John. we'd like to start working on it in January, the plan would be releasing at least 2 pages per month. we decided on doing 20-25 pages, full color. once it's finished, i'd also love to make a physical version (and i pray we don't get hit by a copyright strike)

of course patreon is still my main priority, so i'll try my best to produce frequent content for you guys to enjoy. i hope you can look forward to these!



That's amazing, I'm glad you got such a big commission!


I love this idea! I wish you luck on the work you’ve got ahead of you, especially on the comic pages. 👍