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Looking for experienced python developers with focus on (web)scraping. >CHAT NOW<


sorry i haven't posted much recently, i've been working on something that i cannot share publicly yet 🙏 anyways drawing Dunn always feels therapeutic, so i did some doodles that took about 1h30 each. the third one is scrapped since i couldn't capture the "romantic" feel (and lighting can be a bitch to draw)

i managed to make a timelapse of the first one (if anyone knows a good software for timelapses, PLEASE do tell because vegas takes hours to render, hence why i'm so lazy to record my stuff. i can't use procreate or CSP's feature since i draw in SAI.)





I love your Dunns so much


He's definitely a cutie


Damn. The pic where Dunn makes direct eye-contact with the viewer is a one-way ticket to a faster heartbeat! 💕