Loser 0.04.06 Bugfix released

So I've been spending my weekend fixing bugs, and tweaking Loser.

Couple things of note about this release.

There are now 3 levels of difficulty with skills: Simple, Normal, Difficult

And those difficulties determine how much xp is needed per rank.

  • Simple (100/200/300)
  • Normal (100/200/400)
  • Difficult (100/300/600)

Simple Skills: Fitness, Charisma, Video Games, Communication, Concentration, Demonstration, Trivia

Normal Skills : Almost everything else

Difficult Skills : A few specialist skills

I also did a lot of UI tweaks. The Dancing skill has been changed, and now gives a Permanant topic at Rank 1.

And I added a UI tab in options where you can scale your UI a bit, as well as toggle between Fullscreen and Windowed mode.

Download Here