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Hello all! It's finally here. Beat Banger 0.03 is out NOW. It's been fun working on this project this far and 0.04 will be packed with even more juicy content.

Please keep the contents of this post private ~

Download the v0.03 here:

Mac and Linux builds still aren't available yet, but will be soon <3

Features Added

  • Yoshi Level + Animations
  • Control remapping
  • NEW Dynamic Menu Music
  • "viewlog" Command

Improvements Made

  • Looping option when charting
  • Improved chart layout
  • Improved charting accuracy
  • Improve note detection accuracy
  • Improved note movement accuracy

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that cause a crash when a note was double pressed
  • Fixed a bug where misses weren't counted correctly

Remember, If you find any bugs...

Report them here : https://github.com/bunfan/beat-banger-public/issues

That's all for now~! Cheers 👋