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Volkor, the audio guy who adds sound to my videos, has generously donated to me his library of past audio works he's done of my videos. So I went back and updated some of my 1080p and 720p non-watermarked videos with his audio. So now, many of my older videos in my Mega achieve that didn't have sound, now do.

1080p mega achieve ($5+ supporters)

720p mega achieve (all patrons)

The old mega links are dead but I've updated most of the links in my patreon posts. The ones on my twitter, new grounds, pixiv, etc. are probably dead too.

I had to sort through alot of videos so, If you guys find any problems (i,e, such as no sound, the sound is off, lower resolution than expected, sharp drop in quality from the original videos, etc.) please mention them to me, and I'll try to correct it.

The videos that now have sound, that didn't before, are:

All of the Shooting star series,

Please buy nano cola,

perks of being a hero,

The Helen Parr animation,

2B gets a little lonely sometimes (now in 1080p 60fps).

There are also a couple of older videos that volkor hasn't added sound to, that I'd like to be done. Don't know when or if I'll get around to commissioning these videos though.


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