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/// All characters are depicted as over the age of 18. ///

Haru's lack of response to Louis's texts got him heading to the roof to check if she was there, but the sight he saw through the window froze him solid. He wasn't expecting to see a threesome, composed fully of people he knew in the carnal sense. 

His first coherent thought after spying Juno's bare bottom was to withdraw and respect their privacy... but inside, Haru straightened up and spotted him through the window. He froze all over again, hastily composing an excuse in his head, not wanting to seem like he was deliberately spying. However, Haru only smiled, waved, and gestured for him to come inside, seemingly not viewing his presence as a hindrance to their good time. He only hesitated a moment before heading to the door.

Haru announced to the other two that they had another visitor, and swiftly ushered Louis into the center of the room, unbuckling his pants with a practiced hand. Legoshi was about to ask Louis if he was part of Haru's plan, but the question turned into a moan as warm, wet wolf pussy engulfed his cock. He vaguely noticed the unique sensation of fucking a member of his own species, but constructed thoughts melted into pleasure as Juno bounced on his dick, looking back and savoring the look of ecstasy that she knew her cunt was giving him.

Louis's moan soon joined Legoshi's, with Haru already bobbing her head between the deer's legs, all too familiar with what techniques made Louis shiver with pleasure. They all sank into their lust, not yet noticing that they had yet another visitor at the window...

A note! Some of these versions may look similar, but the ones labeled with "blur" have motion blur applied to Juno's behind. I'm supplying versions with and without it just in case people prefer the blur omitted. Enjoy!