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Finished up this Legoshi and Louis fun! Very slight spoilers for the story up to the end of Beastars volume 11, both in the art and in the story. All versions attached below!

Both characters are depicted as over the age of 18.


Having concluded the battle which brought them closer as carnivore and herbivore, the tension that drove them apart had abated, and made way for the affection that comes between close friends. And as sometimes happens, that affection became attraction, which brought Legoshi to Louis's bedroom, eager to throw away his virginity.

Louis was happy to bare his vulnerable backside to Legoshi (although he wouldn't admit it so readily), and found he had a pretty good talent for accepting Legoshi's impressive size... although he discovered that while engaged in the overwhelming pleasure, Legoshi had a habit of... nibbling. 

Not quite so eager to lose another limb, Louis had to make sure to chastise Legoshi and make sure he didn't lose his senses while hammering away at his ass. Although he was loathe to admit it, he shivered with the sensation of those powerful jaws, and the overall ecstasy of letting this beastly carnivore have his way with him...