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  • sometimes you gotta live life a little dangerously

    back to my fullbody comm list!

    The reference for my recent adopt for SushiButt !

    the bidder got the reference sheet tier on my last adopt so heres the wip on that!

    Commission for Saugrim and Hido 

    This one was a long process but I think it came out well in the end

    Some work on the combined reference sheet of Folia who belongs to my best friend Griss and Ryoko who is my character!

    Its part commission part personal project so imma just say its comm work lol

    Commission for RitheTheDragon 

    Final batch of sketch comms complete! Onto other projects!

    Tea Party for Solstice_Hawthorne 

    Lamia Sketch for Mr-Yiffy 

    2 "sketch" comms finished again

    The dryad using her mage hands done for MrGriss 

    Playful raptor done for Uthalla-Raptor 

    2 at a time! 

    Colorless Sketch for Dodge_This_Viper_Srt10 

    Feral Dragon Sketch for ZenWolf235 

    because I opened colored line art comms so have a huge dump of work in progresses lol

    some dildo time and some dragon time

    for my 2k celebration on FA, little late for Halloween but my tablet died and I needed to order a new data connector for it to work

    them bedroom eyes

    Note: Making a process video on this one with an in character V/O of the text by MrGriss 

    never done recordings of my artwork before so hopefully this comes out well!

    Halloweeeeeeeeeen wip from the celebration on my FA

    throne time

    Its a gif cause theres so many iterations for the CG

    when your horse dick is so big it break the fence smh

    Commission for TheDominantDragon 

    nun much to say

    gotta race home for that D

    Sketch comm for jaf1320 

    For 146tym 

    Sketch commission for  alphax10  complete with alternate messy version

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