A green border means the post is the parent of one or more "child" images.
A yellow border means the image has a parent.
An orange border means the post is user-shared.

Multiple edits of the same post can appear on one page.

Searching Posts

Searching for posts is straightforward. Enter the terms you want to search for, and both titles and descriptions will be scanned for your query. For example, searching for mio yuuko will return every post that has both mio and yuuko in it. You can also exclude a term by putting a hyphen (-) in front of it, and search for a phrase by putting quotation marks around it. They work about how you would expect.
Please note that Kemono has limited support for non-English search terms due to database limitations. Most notably, Japanese characters cannot be searched.


If there's something wrong with a post (like damaged/corrupted files) you can click Flag for reimport to have it purged and redownloaded the next time the importer encounters its ID. After that, simply import as usual.