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My facebook account just got suspended. I though they would just lock my account for few days like what always happen, but they just straight up suspend me now. Facebook was really precious to me cause it's my first gateway to lolicon community. I met lot of cool people there and even interact with many fellow lolicon artist.

It was also the first place I promote my pixiv profile. Posting my work on more than 10 lolicon group (which is pretty rare to find). I got warned and locked in zucc jail a lot, but I keep persistent making new account until all banned and only this one left. They also ip ban me on Instagram too.

Of course even though it's not easy, I can try create new account and start over finding all those amazing lolicon again. But this whole ordeal make me thinking maybe I should give up on facebook. It was never friendly with lolicon, not even nsfw. It feel like waste of time just trying to get around facebook ip banning, building my friends list, groups and then get banned again eventually.




so awesome a this


hang in there


At least we still have you here! No worries we'll keep supporting your lovely loli works here 🥰