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Add the linked URL(kemono.su) to your bookmarks, in case something ever happens to this domain.


Christine and Lea Pappin now have voices :)

Guys this is a huge deal of work to implement on those videos so be patient.

Uploaded the 1st one again with just a line from Christine.

That triple BJ vid of Pappins is now uploaded as a scene for pC users. I only tweaked the sound sources to lick/suck/slurp etc correct. I hope your PC can handle this in VR, mine doesn't...

Alex has 3 new sex scenes but not vids nor scenes are uploaded today with her, will do this for the weekend.






I can't find the new Triple Pappins Scene in C. Where is it ? ;)


You are right. It was disabled(hidden). The Video as well for planB users. Fixed now. Sorry guys... Also Alex's Intro/BJ/1stSexScene is up. Check it out.


There is no such folder in C Plan There is a priv place and Glinda thats all.


Thanks so much for your hard work. We really appreciate it!


Where do I look for content? I see you put pc folders etc but where are the pc folders at? On my computer or somewhere else?