"LITTLENUNScomic64" by Diva from Pixiv Fanbox | Kemono
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Please let me know if there is any strange English.😊 Today is the end of this comic week. Thank you very much. Next time will be winter.☃️❄️




Don't worry Goose, Pelican and Frog Nun, we all think you're cute. In the beginning Clumsy should probably say "The Duckmaster is here". And in the second panel it should say "I can distinguish between ducks AND non-ducks" because you distinguish between one thing AND another thing. Also, if you want to say "one thing and everything that is not that one thing" ,like you did with the ducks, you usually use "non-" instead of not. So "ducks and non-ducks" or "verbal and non-verbal" And lastly the first panel in the third row should most likely have a "?" instead of a normal period. ("...tell you how I did it?") I've really been enjoying these comics again, I'm already looking forward to the next ones. 😊