"The opening of Fanbox" by booiaher from Pixiv Fanbox | Kemono


Had lots going on and I've been inactive for almost 3 years, I decided to revive this account lately, would start Pixiv Fanbox in June 2022, and will announce it officially later! I understand that people with the same mindset as mine are hard to survive in today's world. I've been through that as well. Let's see how far we can go. 色々あってほぼ沈黙な3年間が経ち、少し復帰しようと思います。2022年6月からPixiv Fanboxを始めたいと思い、詳細なアナウンスはほど。私のような趣味を持つ人間が生き苦しいこの時代に、僅かでもハピネスと喜びを感じれて頂ければと幸いです。