"Waiting My Turn (old drawing)" by Justin from Pixiv Fanbox | Kemono


I've drawn this sketch a couple of years ago.

Victim No. 12 Tim (right, 18 years old)

Victim No. 13 Doug (left, 18 years old)

When Doug regained consciousness, he found himself naked and bound helplessly in monstrous surroundings. There was a naked young guy laid on the table but the guy didn’t have limbs and nipples and there was a injured stump on where there must be a male genital.

He screamed when he found what objects around the boy. They were its arms, legs, penis and testicles removed from the body. The arm severed by shoulder and wrist was used as a pillow below the boy’s head. The legs and the genital was hooked above the boy. The legs were heavily damaged by many knife scars and nailed. They looked like dry-aging beaf. The cock, especially the glans, was penetrated by full of needles. It seemed to be cut off during boner. The naked testicles were also injured by needles and hooked with its sperm cords. Its ball sack was totally removed.

And what was worse, the poor young guy was still conscious and responded to his scream.

The boy slowly answered to his questions. “Haven’t you seen the guy? He made me like this....he said my entire body is his toy and he tortured and raped me everyday. He injured my body many times and cut my limbs off when he thought they were useless. And he told he will keep me alive for fun until he gets more useful toy. He fucked me many times. Yesterday he said he has decided to cut my abs open and pull my guts out. He said he will process my body to meat and garbage...in order to feed the new toy. I guess you are...”

In a flash of terror he realized inevitable – all this would be done to him. His cock was getting hard unconsciously by the fear. The young guy watched it and its eyes showed despair of having lost its genital.

The guy said. “Your cock and balls are big. He might like yours. He blamed me for my size since he needed bigger one for the torture. Those he did to me were extremely terrible, really hard to keep myself sane...so I begged him to cut my manhood off...he was so excited to do it. It was very painful to be castrated but much better than continuing his play. I envy you still having hard cock and balls. But he will apply endless torture to yours too. Maybe more awful. I bet you will beg to remove those cock and balls too.”